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I am advertising my products (tiles) on Google Shopping. Shop:

The Problem is, that Google takes the price per carton out of my shop.

The good thing is, that shopify in germany provides the option to show base prices in the shop.

Actually there should be the option to show the base prices (sqm prices) on Google Shopping as well.

I have chatted with the shopify support and that is what they said:

14:54 Zakaria (Support Advisor):

So the issue here is definitely coming from how the description is structured. When crawling the site, Google takes the price showed in the description instead of the unit prices. This is by default. However, I recommend checking out this link to display the unit prices of your store which might help with the crawling. I'm not saying this will work, but it's worth a try. Before trying that, remember to duplicate your theme as a backup

14:54 Zakaria (Support Advisor):

If that doesn't work, then the best thing would be to reach out to either a developer who knows more, or you can check out Shopify Expert who know more about this than we do

I hope somebody can help me!



This is how Google Shopping is showing the Ad:


The 65€ is the price per carton. But the sqm Price is 40,12€/m²


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First make sure the price submitted is the minimum order / per unit pricing measure. In this case, your value is 25.93 EUR

More info:


Then add the value of the unit pricing measure. In your case this value is 1sqm

More info:


Then add the value of the pricing measure base. In your case this value is 1sqm

(However 1sqm equals 1 karton when using your calculator, so not sure if this is correct, you will need to find this out)

More info:


You will need to check if your data feed system supports adding these values. Alternatively, find a different data feed solution or use feed rules:

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