Showing price after an automatic discount directly on the product page

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Hi there!


I wanted to test the automatic discounts for special events, for example the Summer Sales or whatever.

So the I created my automatic discount and selected the products I want to apply it on. On the cart, no problem the price displayed is the actual price minus the reduction.


Thing is, I'd like to change the price on the product page too. For the moment, the normal price is still displayed. If possible I would like to avoid setting the price manually for each variant of each product, I have a lot of them...


In fact, I'd like to have something exactly like when you I apply manually the discount in the 'Pricing' section of the product: the real price crossed and the discounted price showed. And with the sentence 'You saved $XX !" also.


I tried to modify the code by copying the code from the cart page to the product page but was unsuccessful. I can't manage to get the discounted price, the price showing is still the one before the discount.


Anyone has an idea how I can solve this ? Or an indication ?


Thanks a lot!

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This is exacly what I'm looking for and got nothing yet on google, I hope someone could help us.

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I’ve been looking for this! So, far I’ve asked 3 Shopify collaborators who have been no help and told me it only exists for the cart page. I feel like this is a necessity for online shops, yet Shopify lacks that major feature. I hope someone can solve this soon.
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I have the same issues, I am not able to find anything to help