Simple issue - or at least it should be

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I've been tasked with updating our Shopify page with some new books. Having never ever done this before I found it quite straight forward until trying to list a book in both Hardback and e-book format on the same page so there is a drop down list to select one or the other.

I added the Hardback saved it and then added the Digital copy using SENDOWL but when I save and add to the collection, the ebook doesn't appear on the web page, just the hardback.

So then I deleted and created a Hardback product and a ebook product separately and tried to link them but I can't.

I've looked at the instruction videos but I can't see a video showing what I need to do.

Help! Can someone explain to me what I'm doing wrong in idiots terms as I'm not an accomplished user yet!!

Many thanks in advance