Simulating Variations

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Hi Guys

I have been a developer for many years but I am new to working with Shopify so I was hoping I could get a little advice on how to best tackle a situation.

I have my own store where I sell prints of my artwork. Each piece is available in different sizes so they are essentially just variations of the same product. I am however looking at integrating with a print supplier who will print and ship all of my artwork for me. They have a shopify integration but the problem is that once I set it up, it will create each individual size as a separate product on my store instead of a single product with multiple variants which I think is going to be really confusing for my users.

To work around this, I would like to find a way to update my products so that when a user views one of them in any size, it then automatically retrieves all of the products that are the same image and renders a single add to cart button for each size option. Then on my store front, I can have a collection where I just put one size of each piece of artwork which users can browse. Although there would still be a physical product page for each size in shopify, I am hoping I can mitigate any SEO issues by adding a canonical tag pointing them all back to one size.

In my head, I think this will work but I am unsure the best way of approaching it in code. I need some way of grouping all of the different products of the same image together and the retrieving them in the template. I believe a tag or collection should allow me to do this, or I wasn’t sure if there was some way to force them as related products? Or is there a better way?

I would really appreciate any advice on the best way to achieve this.

Many thanks!