Site Speed - Minimize Thread Work, Reduce Java, Excess DOM?

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Hey guys,


I couldn't see anything on this that has been covered before, so apologies if it has but I feel like I have tried everything I can think of and I am stumped...


I have been using Shopify for about 1 & 1/2 years and I have had the same issues come up with various page speed and insight tools I have used over the entire time.


I have....

Changed my theme, reloaded the theme to clean up any old app data, I have crush pics for all images,  I have Shop Sheriff AMP pages, I have Page Speed Optimizer by Booster Apps, I did have the SEO Manager app but I have recently removed that and found no difference?


I have even paid 3 different people, at various price ranges to clean it up with no visible change....


I do still have apps on the site so I have their code thingy on my theme.liquid as I haven't been able to find a another way to do this, but these two images have been fairly similar when done from various testing sites like GTMetrix and many more.


I would love any information that will get results please?  


** Also another issue that I may as well add in is my blogs etc are somehow creating a new url for each tag word attached to the blog?  So I am getting SEO errors multiple duplicate pages with the same meta descriptions?


**Oh and Rich there any simple-ish way to optimize these?


Ok I think that will be all for now....eeeek!



My website is:


Thanking you (and begging you) very much....🙏🤞😁



page speed mob 17 sept 19.PNGpage speed 17 sept 19.PNG



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