Site speed very slow

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Hi everyone,


Here's my site : 

Om mobile it takes for ever to load the products and some times just stuck at loading - can anyone please help with this?


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I was just playing around with your site on mobile and desktop. I don't feel it personally loads very slowly for me.


But I've thrown your site into some pagespeed testers, you can see the results here:


Nothing seems particularly out of the ordinary other than the need for basic optimization of your images and scripts etc.

There's lots that can be done if you have the technical skills.



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Thanks for your advice 

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Hi desi12,


We recently built our online store and I came to your thread looking for a solution as well. I see lots of answers in these threads but no one seems to be using google's PageSpeed Insight test. Most likely our issue is we are using slow themes which were not coded for mobile speed. When I ran your site it ranked terrible for mobile, giving a score of 10 out of 100.



Estimated Savings
Remove unused JavaScript
8.28 s
Remove unused JavaScript to reduce bytes consumed by network activity. Learn more.
URLTransfer SizePotential Savings
426.8 KB
317.3 KB
130.5 KB
112.2 KB
107.9 KB
64.8 KB
68 KB
47.4 KB
86.7 KB
46.8 KB
43.4 KB
42.5 KB
41.1 KB
25.9 KB
56.1 KB
25 KB
30.8 KB
21.7 KB
32.1 KB
16.3 KB
16 KB
15.9 KB
15.7 KB
13 KB
31.4 KB
12.5 KB
15.5 KB
11.7 KB
12.8 KB
11.3 KB
13.7 KB
10.6 KB
13.6 KB
9.6 KB
9.2 KB
8.3 KB
13.8 KB
7.7 KB
7.8 KB
6.9 KB
8.8 KB
6.9 KB
12.1 KB
6.5 KB
18.7 KB
5.8 KB
12.8 KB
4.8 KB
9.5 KB
4.6 KB
5.1 KB
4.5 KB
5.5 KB
4.1 KB
12.6 KB
3.8 KB
9.3 KB
3.8 KB
4.3 KB
3.5 KB
3.6 KB
2.9 KB
3.1 KB
2.7 KB
5.6 KB
2.7 KB


Another 5 seconds could be shaved off by fixing: 


Defer offscreen images
5.4 s
Eliminate render-blocking resources
2.91 s
Remove unused CSS
1.35 s
Properly size images
0.6 s
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We've got the same issue with

How do you remove unused javascript? Do you need to hire a developer to do that?



You could theoretically remove it yourself. However, there always runs a chance of removing something that is being used.

A random developer may or may not be able to remove the codes, because they likely don't know which apps have added what code to the website.

The best bet is to slowly remove any code that you think is not in use, by maybe googling that code to see if it is part of an app you have installed now or in the past.


You could hire me, all I require in return is an install of my app and a good review. 

But like I said, I don't really know what may or may not break the site, so I run the risk of breaking something.

Let me know if you'd like me to help.

We specialize in data analytics. If I've helped you today, please give our give our app a try (15-day free trial) and maybe write a good review.
Send me a message if you want a free data analysis consultation.
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Hello Friend

I am shopify developer contact me on fiverr I'll speed up your shopify.

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Hello friends, the speed of my site is very slow, I do not know how to find and delete the codes to speed this up. I would be very happy if you could help me with this subject.

site adress: 

second site adress: 



Hopefully, you were able to figure out the issue, and your site loads fine for a person with 7.5mbps mobile network. 

I am going to quickly run an analysis for your product page: 

Let's hope this helps you more.

Here are some tips for the beginning: 

  • Implement lazy loading for images especially on mobile
  • Resize your images for mobile (I use PNGGauntlet for compressing/resizing and also serve separate images for mobile)
  • Remove the apps you are not using anymore 
  • Turn off the app features that you don't use anymore
  • Decrease the number of fonts being loaded on the product page and also on the overall site. Currently, your product pages load around 8 fonts.
  • Minify CSS and JS files. (12 CSS and 35 JS files on your product page)
  • Avoid pop-ups



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