Slideshow Text Underneath Image - Mobile - Brooklyn Theme

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I have searched through many threads and the codes that "worked" dragged all of the text above the image at the top of the screen.

If anybody is able to provide code specific to my situation that would be amazing. I have run out of threads to search unfortunately.



Pass: P@$$PR)TECT


The top of the page is a slideshow, that works fine with the button and all. If you scroll down you will see 5 images, and underneath each image is the text that is supposed to be on top of those images.


On Desktop version all it working as intended.


Most of the solution codes i tried dragged the text from all 5 images up to the top of the page and on top of the first slideshow image.


I am not sure if this is happening because I have set up multiple slides on the one page or if this is fixable.


Thanks in advance for any assistance!