Slow check out speed and loading credit card field

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Hi I have been testing around on my site and when I get to the enter payment page the fields where you enter the credit card information is extremely slow, it have to load for a at least a couple seconds until it is clear to enter the information. I think this might be one of the reasons for those abandoned cart as well.

Anyone has this issue or is this normal ? Is there anyway around this ?

Please check screen shotcheckout.jpg

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I agree with you, I'm not sure why it does that for input fields. Ideally they're just html input elements and any necessary logic / scripts load after they've rendered.


I don't think there's anything you can do to change that on a regular Shopify store.


If you share your url people can test yours vs other Shopify stores to see the comparison.


I tested on a store though just now and it took a few seconds for me too.


You can check, shows everything is working fine right now so might be a limitation at this point. 


Maybe someone from Shopify can explain the lag there and we can brainstorm a better way to do it.

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