Snippets not allowed in new Frame Sections?

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Trying out some of the new Theme features, and hitting an odd ( to me ) snag.


I am on a developer preview dev store. Have setup a new frame with top and bottom sections in `config/frames.json`. I created sections in the `/frame` directory for a `header` and `footer`. All seems fine. 


However, if I try to use an HTML snippet from the `snippets` directory, I get an error:

Liquid syntax error: Cannot use include tag in section assets


The snippet in question is an SVG icon. I like to keep all of my SVG icons as snippets like `icon-cart.svg.liquid` so I can then just use `{% include 'icon-cart.svg' %} when I want to use that icon and it doesn't muddy up my file with a bunch of nasty SVG code. 


Anyone experience this error when using a snippet inside of a Frame Section? Know of a reason why snippets would not be allowed in a Frame Section? Obviously I don't exactly how Shopify is tying all of the new Theme files together in the backend, but if they really do prohibit snippets here it seems like a quite unfortunate limitation.