Some paid orders do not arrive at the fulfilment partners/distributors system

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Using Shopify (not Plus) and the ActiveAnts Connector-app.


Most of the orders will automatically be sent to the system of our fulfilment partner/distributor ActiveAnts..... but every week a few orders do not.

I see in the list of orders that an order stays 'unfulfilled' for too long...... I login into the distributors system and discover that the order just is not there!


Did my Shopify-webshop try to send the order to my fulfilment partner?

Was there a network-hiccup?

Do the 2 systems not check if their communication is successful?


When I look at the order timeline, I see that the last action was: "Order confirmation email was sent to ....." (and yes indeed, that email has been sent).

In successful orders the timeline does NOT tell me when my fulfilment partner has received/accepted the order, it only tells me when the order has been fulfilled.


Is there anything I can find out about the communication between my own Shopify-webshop and the fulfilment partners system?

Can I see or create some logging of an attempt to communicate in any way?


The fulfilment partner tells me they do not see anything on their side.


Who can help me? Thanks


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Shopify will resend webhooks if there's a disruption in connection with the endpoint, so it's probably something to do with the information in an order or the way the app is processing it.


I would contact the developers of whichever app is sending the order information - they can probably check their server logs and look for clues on why the information isn't get pushed through. I would send them the order number(s) and any commonalities with failed orders that you notice on your side.




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