Sort products by color?

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I've been looking around for a bit and haven't been able to find a good solution to this yet. I want to be able to sort products on my website by color, but when I do this using tags it clogs up the Shop drop down menu. When I went to disable sorting by tags in my Collection Page settings, it took that drop down menu away entirely. So I really have two questions. I'm also using the Debut theme.

Is there a way to disable sorting by tags but still have the option to sort by SOME tags (e.g. still having my collection tags show up in the Shop drop down menu, but not have tags for things like "blue" show up? Whenever I add a tag to a product it automatically makes a collection for it and this is very messy, but not having the drop down menu at all seems strange to me. I figure there has to be some way to hide some tags and not get rid of the drop down menu.

Are there any workarounds with this? I've really only seen two apps mentioned for this. Both were fairly confusing to use and also cost more money on top of a lot of other apps I have running on my website, so I'd rather know if there's a way to work around this within Shopify or with code instead of an app-based solution!