Source/Medium information getting stripped by redirects

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I've been noticing in Google Analytics that we've had an abnormal increase in direct traffic sales, so I started doing a little sniffing around and noticed something that kinda knocked my socks off (and might actually be unrelated to our increase in direct traffic sales). Basically, if someone lands on a page that's immediately redirected, that traffic now gets counted as "direct", regardless of it's referrer. So far I've only tested this across three browsers on two devices, but it seems to hold. If someone lands on a redirect, their referral data gets stripped.

Now this might seem a like a niche concern, but it ends up Shopify redirects non https URLs. Fun right? So any link to a non-https url is - in theory - getting stripped. The good news is that this ONLY seems to happen if someone lands on the redirect. A redirect mid session doesn't wipe the sessions source.

So what I am wondering is why on earth this is happening, and whether or not there's something I can do to fix this.