Space after image (mobile view) is blank for a while before you can see text

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The space after images on my product pages is blank for a good few lines before you can see the text. It seems the image extends down past the end of the image.


Does anyone know how I can edit this so the image area height is smaller as this is really frustrating? Thank you.


I think the CSS code is wrong somewhere - the images are all square, not as long as showing.

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There may be several reasons:
Perhaps this space appeared due to the fact that there is an invisible block under the picture. Or you have two columns on the product page, and the first one naturally adapts to the second.

That is, if one of the columns has a higher height, then the other one adjusts to this height or an error in the styles and you need to set a fixed height and hide everything superfluous overflow: hidden.

To understand the exact reason, can you share with us this product page?


We will take a look and, if possible, we will also send a solution to your problem here.

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