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Hi team, 

Looking for a little help if possible?

We use the Brooklyn theme and somehow think the code is broken between our Cart & Checkout pages? Customers can add to cart no problems but when they click to Checkout the spinning wheel on the Checkout button just spins and spins and never progresses to the Checkout page?

I have zero idea how to troubleshoot this issue myself as coding is not a strength. Liquid? Theme? Yep it's all mumbo jumbo to me.

Our store is at:

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Yep, I can reproduce the error you are experiencing.  A couple of questions to try to help:

  • What theme are you using?
  • What apps have you installed?
  • How did you add the 2 custom fields to the art page (gift note and how did you hear from us)?
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Basically, the problem with your cart page is that there is no cart form. You have a button which should submit a form, but there is no form "around" this button, so nothing is submitted.

You have a small piece of Javscript which assigns the loader class to the button when it's clicked and that's it.

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Can you please elaborate on how to solve this issue? I'm experiencing it too.