Split theme testing - removing the preview bar in checkout

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After our developer followed a combination of these two articles (1 & 2) to help us split test our live Shopify theme with one in preview where he coded the edits, we've ran into the issue that the preview bar indicator appears in checkout. We were able to successfully hide it on the main site (homepage, pdp, etc.).


We've received various answers from support including:
- not possible
- can't edit that because of compliance restrictions
- use an individual's timed testing tool (which we're very against for various reasons - it switches which theme is published ~daily)
- upgrade to shopify plus
- to comment here on the forums


Now unfortunately the change we'd like to make is too complicated for VWO's A/B visual editor, which is why we'd like to split test/redirect test.


Changes we're making:

  • Nested Nav (must be a persistent change on the whole site)
  • Homepage CTA update from redirect to an anchor
  • One section overhaul (this is the complicated change that VWO doesn't really suffice - going from a tall design to a more horizontal, mobile-friendly one)


Our developer has said he's tried the following and both don't work on checkout:

1. injecting display none to the iframe by javascript in online store > preferences > additional scripts

#preview-bar-iframe {
display: none!important;


I'm not technical, but these were some of my ideas:

  1. Publish the variant version of the site and use that as the control. Change to A/B test (rather than redirect) and use the VWO editor to ~use it to undo those changes for the variant.… probably will run into the same issue with its limited capabilities.
  2. Somehow hide the changes in Shopify and then in VWO editor, unhide them via HTML editor
  3. Similar to #2 but maybe if a param is present then that triggers something to display version B (the variant) to the user instead of A (the control)

I also thought Shopify could disable it on their end for us like they disable captchas on forms but chat support was unable to find out.


Please let us know if you've split-tested themes before and how you've gone about it or are able to help with the issues we're running into.

Thank you in advance,


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Have you tried to add pb=0 url parameter to your theme preview urls?

See https://community.shopify.com/c/Technical-Q-A/how-to-remove-preview-bar/m-p/1023134/highlight/true#M... 

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Hello Dan,

Have you tried using an A/B Testing tool to test out themes? 

If not, I work at Neat A/B Testing and we offer Theme tests with the appropriate data that will help you evaluate what performs better at a significantly lower price than VWO. 

Our app also has price testing, product page testing, homepage tests, and split URL tests. 

If you or you developer need any help with setup, please don't hesitate to reach out as we are happy to help you get up and running!


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