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I am looking for a solution but I can’t find any hint for my problem. 

My problem is : I have four sellers with their own customers and I would like them to see only their own customers accounts and the orders from their customers only.

I know the access limitation for staff account but it's only : " all customers »/« no customer " choice.

I find no app for customer’s portfolio and no app for stat for one staff members for exemple.

In my dream I would find an option or an app with witch I could add a tag with the staff members name on a customer account and limite the consultation of the members account to the specific staff member with the tag.

Thank you for your futur help,

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So from the phrase "four sellers" and "customers" I assume you are planning to operate a marketplace. I would suggest you to get a marketplace app instead of adding sellers as staff since they are for staff only and there is a limit on how many staff account you can have. And most marketplace app should have the proper permission in place already.

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@Anthonykung has it right marketplace apps are the cleanest solution if you want to expose the backend in a convenient dashboard to others with granular control over who sees what.

There are about 5 such apps on the app store with different features and costs.


  • Export the information to spreadsheets(with joined data) and let the sellers work out how they want to view it.
    • Apps for spreadsheets export are excelify, and ez-exporter(conditional logic features)
  • Also see airpower which uses airtables, and other similar data view services.
  • Open smaller stores on reduced plans* then sync specific data to those stores using:
    1. spreadsheets
    2. sync apps
    3. scripting apps such as
  • If this on a ShopifyPlus plan with just a couple of sellers, expansion stores could be repurposed for this along with the organizations feature.
  • Use the APIs to have your own locked down admins built.

*With multiple store methods contact support and negotiate pricing as in this situation you don't need 80% of shopify features. And you will probably need to implement setup fees for sellers.


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