Stock inventory with variants

Hi everyone,

I have individual products (different colours of the same item) with 4 variants under each (different inserts, sold as pairs).

Products (nappies/diapers) x 15 colours


1. Nappy/diaper shell

2. Nappy/diaper shell plus two small inserts

3. Nappy/diaper shell plus two large inserts

4. Nappy/diaper shell plus all four inserts

Essentially I want the system to keep track of stock for the shell and four individual types of inserts.

i.e. I have 50 of one colour shell, but 300 of insert one, 300 of insert two, 1000 of insert three and 1000 of insert four.

In one scenario, when the shell sells out for that one colour, all variants under that shell (product) become unavailable.

But, those inserts also go with 14 other shell colours (products).  So once all the small inserts sell out (insert one and two), all option 2 and 4 variants (above) now become unavailable across all shell colours (products) i.e they can't buy the small insert variant for that shell colour, or the all four variant.

There might be a better way to set this up than I currently have but I want to prompt the customer with the variants so they know what to buy.

Happy to provide website if needed.