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By scanning the store's website, I have 2 broken links that I am unable to resolve and I wonder if anyone has faced those and managed to resolve:

1) If you have Instagram icon on your website linked to your store's instagram account, likely you have an issue where the link to this icon is reported broken by any SEO scanning tool for broken links with an error 429 "Too many Requests". Typically this error comes from the hosting server (Shopify) as part of the Denial Service Management. Has any of our experts come across this issue and managed to resolve somehow?


2) There is another broken link by Shopify referring to "monorail shopifysvc". Does any shopify expert know what is this issue caused by and how to resolve if it affects the store's performance or SEO?


Note: both above issues seem to be generic (originated from Shopify) and not specific to my store. By random checking of few other Shopify stores, they all had these issues.


Thanks in advance for any guide re these issues.





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429 too many requests is not just a hyperlink it sounds like a page resource not loading. 

The monorail shopifysvc thing sounds related to this thread. Also not a link, but a page resource. 

Generally I'd be more concerned about systemic internal linking issues, like if you had 1000 pages and 5000 broken links within your own website.

Without actually having a poke-around and giving a proper answer, it sounds like it's not too big a problem I'd say.

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