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My product's searchable fields contain a blanket term: "Concert Ticket." Unfortunately, my customers are searching for specific terms like "Guns 'n Roses" or "Taylor Swift" and returning no results. Can I hide a block of 50+ keywords somewhere within my product that the Storefront Search will return?

In other words, I want the search term "Backstreet Boys" to returns the Concert Ticket product.


Apologies if there is an obvious solution to this that I'm overlooking.  I've tried Google and Help articles with no luck. I appreciate any and all help with this. 

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Good question - I don't have a simple solution for you (so definitely don't worry about missing something obvious :) ), but here are some thoughts:


firstly, in terms of where to store the keyword information:

- my first thought would be to use tags, but this could get quite messy if you are using tags for something else.

- Otherwise the other options that I can think of are the end of the product description (which WILL be visible unless you hide it) or maybe the SEO meta description (but do think that a long list of keywords doesn't really seem ideal here).

- There are apps that allow to add custom metadata to products, but this does start to get a bit convoluted, particular for the next step...


and once you've decided on where to store the info, then in order to actually SHOW the results:

1 - test searching first JUST IN CASE Shopify is already searching whatever field you have chosen

2 - Use an approach like such as this one (you may need help from a developer) to include this field in the search results


Hope that's somewhat useful, and all the best with it.



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