Stripe payment icons

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Our shop currently offers a few checkout options. 

Due to the nature of our website, having Shopify Payments isn't an option as we're a multivendor platform, Paypal and Stripe pay our vendors automatically when the vendor makes a sale on our website. 

The problem we're having is some customers are unaware that Stripe is the option to select if they want to enter their card details to pay. See photo below, Stripe is totally plain and does not show the card icons like Afterpay does. 


I've spoken with Stripe on a number of occasions, they tell me I need to add these icons myself or have my developer do it. I've asked a number of coders and Shopify experts, they all say they can't add them in as Shopify won't allow them to edit this page. 

I've tried reaching out to Shopify support a few times but no one has replied. 

I've turned Shopify Payments on for the time being until I manage to fix this. Can anyone help me?