Stuck on how to edit hyperlink text for collection links in product pages

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Hi everyone,

I've worked with Shopify for a number of years but I've reached the limit of my (limited) knowledge of code and so posting in the hope someone might be able to briefly advise.

My theme (Out of the Sandbox's 'Retina') has an option for a hyperlink to be featured on each product page, which links back to the parent collection page. So, on 'Example Product' product page, there's a hyperlink back to 'Example Collection'. This is great for navigation, especially in lieu of breadcrumbs (not using these, but that's another topic), but I'd like to change the text of the hyperlinks.

I've found the line of code in my theme that seems to relate to this (see below) and my question is - rather than pulling the text from 'col.title', what's the code change(s) I need to make please so that the hyperlink still goes to the relevant collection, but the hyperlink text is always (site-wide) generic text instead of the collections' title (for example, instead of the collections' title I'd like something such as 'Browse More Items' or words to that effect).

<a href="{{ col.url }}" title="{{ col.title }}">{{ col.title }}</a>{% unless forloop.last %},{% endunless %}

I assume it's a straightforward case of changing one or both of the 'col.title' bits but, as mentioned, code's really not my strength!

Many thanks in advance for any guidance you can offer.



Hello @tomm 

Please share your site url.

So that I can check and let you know the exact solution for this.


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