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Hi community! Hoping to get some technical help here.


I am a software developer and business owner trying to set up an E-commerce which relies heavily on subscriptions. (95% of products will be subscription only). Being based in Sweden paying with Klarna is an absolute must. However when I read up on subscription methods and apps all I see is that klarna is not an accepted way of paying for a recurring subscription in any of the apps available.

Additional info: 

Being a software developer I am comfortable in making my own solutions if necessary, also the website itself will be a gatsby website working headless/JAM stack. So no Liquid solutions please

Ideal use case: 

My ideal user flow would be:
- User picks product for subscription and adds to cart

- User gets redirected somewhere for payment handled by not me (shopify checkout, klarna checkout w/e)

- User gets an invoice per month until canceling (somehow)

How do I do this? Is there a store app i need to install? Do I have to build my own? Should I just just a different platform than shopify? (please no :-()

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Hi @sledomaltes / Alexander,

Whatever code accepts your store's subscriptions would need to initiate & integrate & accept the payment method.  Klarna Payments (or Klarna Checkout) can support subscriptions for some regions (like Sweden), more details: but currently that integration code would need to be written, as I'm not aware of any Shopify subscription apps that currently support Klarna.