Syncing Shopify product changes with Salesforce products

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I am looking to sync Shopify and Salesforce so that when I update product information on Shopify, such as item price, it will fire an event that will send an API call to Salesforce to update the product record. Am I able to do this using the Shopify webhook? Is product modified a valid event to send webhook calls? Will I need to just alert Salesforce that the product has changed, then have Salesforce call a Shopify endpoint to get the data? Or can Shopify send this all in the original payload? If you have any other ideas, I would love to hear them.

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Yes you can do that using webhooks. The event you are looking for (most probably) is products/update and you can specify which fields of the product you want Shopify to send with the payload using fields field :) when creating the webhook -


A safer approach would still be for you to send only the product ID to Salesforce and Salesforce to pull the most up to date data from Shopify using the product ID and Shopify API.

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I don't know if my message is too late. I've developed a Salesforce and Shopify integration... It's a Salesforce package with contains the object, apex classes, and flow to add your customer and orders in Shopify to Salesforce.

I appreciate your comments.