Tag Groups not working correctly Use advanced group filtering

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Cant Figure out why the following tag groups are only halfway working?


Segment_VTWIN, Category_SUSPENSION, Sub-Category_FORKS & FRONT ENDS, Brand_PROGRESSIVE, Application_14-16 FLHR, Year_2014, Year_2015, Year_2016, Model_FLHR


The filters are not showing up for this particular product until i go into the second group collection "SUSPENSION" once i enter the Suspension Collection I can see the groups, but not from the VTWIN collection i created. i triple checked the automated collection "VTWIN" settings and its very simple; Product Tag equals "Segment_VTWIN" some of the products with this tag show up, and some don't? 


I have about 7K products in the Vtwin  category and was just testing groups would work properly so i can Change the whole lot of them. 

I'm into this issue about 5 hours now and at my wits end so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.