Tags through through site navigation can't be changed by left side tag filtering

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I've set up these navigation items on a drop down menu on my website. They're set up as tags within a collection so that is preselects one of the filter tags the site uses already, on the left side of the collection page. 

Now, the issue is that if you select from the drop down menu, you cannot change the filtering on the left side. When you press them or press "clear filtering" ('Ryd alt') it loads and then doesn't change. 

This is the website on the collection with no tags: https://t-house.dk/collections/dammann-freres
This is the collection sorted into tags by clicking the drop down menu: https://t-house.dk/collections/dammann-freres/Sort-te 
This is the collection sorted into tags by the left side filtering: https://t-house.dk/collections/dammann-freres?constraint=sort-te 

I want it to work so you can change the the filtering on the left side even if you've picked it in the drop down menu, as it seems like the obvious way it should work. Any ideas?

The theme is 'Elise'

Thank you in advance