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Hi all,


Can anyone advise on taking stock offline automatically when it goes out of stock? I believe it is coding related however have no knowledge of coding and couldn't work it out myself, so if anyone has found a way of doing this please let me know. We use a custom theme (Bert & May -- WH)


Many thanks




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Hi Pallavi, 


Yes but I'm wondering if there's a way of automating it? 



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You could automate this using Arigato. We have a prebuilt workflow in the workflow library called "Automatically hide out of stock products and show them when they are back in stock." I think this is exactly what you're looking for :)
Here is a link to the workflow: https://www.apps.bonify.io/arigato-automation-shopify/workflows/automatically-unpublish-hide-out-sto...


You can use this  App Stockyphi -Stockyphi - Out of Stock Manager

The app has following features

  • Auto hides Out of Stock or Sold Out Products
  • Automatically show Back in stock Products.
  • Add Redirection to hidden or deleted products when they get Out of Stock or Sold Out
  • Get Notification for Changes or Actions taken by App
  • Download Out of Stock report

Hey @BertAndMay,

Hiding the out of stock items may not always be the best solution. All of the product pages have SEO power for your store, and it is developing for a long time. When you hide a sold-out product, you lose index and links to it; this means you lose all the product's SEO power. And when you unhide it, it starts all over. So, if you will re-stock the item, you should keep out of stock products on your site - just don't put them in front of your customers.

Our app, Push Down & Hide Out of Stock, move out of stock products to the bottom of the collection. If you will not re-stock a product, you can hide it also. If an item is back in stock, it is also published automatically. Combining these features is the best and easiest way to improve conversions by managing out-of-stock products.

If you are determined to hide all out-of-stock products, of course, you can use only hiding&unhiding feature.

You can find more details on our app page. It has an easy setup, and all processes automatic. Also, we have a free plan, and if it is suitable for you, you can use it for free! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at support@merchbees.com


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