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While I notice that there are a lot of questions about the new Tap & Chip I can't find one that is specific to the issue I'm experiencing. We recently got our POS updated and have been attempting to use the Tap & Chip, however we are having a lot of issues keeping it connected and keepign it working. We have already had to reset it once because after a day of "use" (we had one or two transactions) it wouldn't turn on at all. Today it is disconnecting automatically after less than the stated hour that it's supposed to remain active before going to sleep (actually it was less than half an hour). This is only the second day we have used it so it clearly seems like a problem with the product itself. Did we end up with a glitchy piece of hardware or are we doing something wrong.

Some information about specifications since I know the question will come up:

1. We have updated to the newest version of the POS

2. We are using an iPad to run the POS.

3. There doesnt' seem to be a problem with iPad or bluetooth, it seems to be the chip reader itself.

thanks in advance for your help.

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Did you ever get help with this?  We're having the same problem with our card readers.  Thanks!