Technical Issues With My Facebook Ads Account

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Hi Everyone, it would be amazing if I could be provided with a little insight to my current situation when looking to get my Facebook account re-enabled.

These are my current issues with my Facebook AD account:

1 - Review your pixel setup: 'The events for some of your pixels haven't been set up on any of your domains. To use a pixel for conversion events, edit your domain settings in Events Manager.'

Solutions tried thus far - Installed the Pixel Extension to check if events such as purchase and add to cart were firing and the diagnostic ran showed no errors or problems with any of the pixels.

2 - Missing or Invalid Information: 'These events can't be tracked because they have missing or invalid information, 3 events haven't been received from 'Ads Pixel for Shopify Facebook Ad'

Solutions tried thus far - Tried to create custom conversions for add to cart and purchase to solve the missing information, however this did not work as I cannot create custom conversions with a restricted account. I also changed the add to cart button on my Shopify admin and this did not solve this specific issue.

3 - Low Quality: 'These events data sources have various errors that prevent them from working correctly.
0 errors are affecting your Event Data Sources.
Solutions tried thus far: Same as above, custom conversions attempted to be made but unable to do so due to restricted account.
4 - Missing or Invalid Information: 'These items will lower the quality of your catalog because they have missing or invalid information.'
These fields have missing information: "variant_value"
27 items
Disallowed HTML Tags: "rich_text_description"
27 items
These fields have missing information: "variant_label"
27 items
Solutions tried thus far: 5 products and their 27 variants have errors, not sure what is wrong with any of these product descriptions as I have followed Oberlo 101 dropshipping course where they provided a structure/template for all product descriptions.
I have re-appealed 3 times, asking for clarity surrounding the reason for my account not being re-enabled and I receive the same message every time from Facebook:

I've had another look at your ad account and unfortunately, we won't be able to re-enable it.

There's no further action that you may take here. Please consider this decision as final.

How was your appeal experience? Give us your feedback to help us do better:'
I have sent of 2 Commerce Management requests to the Facebook Concierge Support team asking for clarity on the situation as well as replying to all my account appeals and taken the AD policy blueprint course. However, implementing all of these hasn't constituted to my ad account to be re-enabled.  
The Facebook live chat option has not been available to me on attempt, I have made sure to do this from 9:00am EST until they close the chat option but for some reason it is has not been available to me. 
Where do strategy could I look to explore next? Would it be running the ads through my personal account as I am an admin for my business ad account? 
I would be so so grateful if someone could point me in the right direction.