Terms and Conditions Checkbox in Checkout for Invoicing

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Hi Shopify Community!

We seek help adding a required checkbox for Terms and Conditions during Checkout (not Cart).  A simple JS workaround we were using for the checkbox is going away March 15, as we received the Shopify email that adding JS in GA section under 'preferences' admin tab is no longer allowed.  That JS enabled a required checkbox in Checkout for customers to accept our T&C (reasonable, 1 page memo - we make custom products that are not returnable).   Since we invoice 50% of our customers, which directly links to Checkout, they never see a Cart, and so having the checkbox in the Cart offers no benefit.  This checkbox is critical for us to defend the rare (but costly) chargeback cases where customers purchase custom-made motorized window coverings, install them in their homes permanently.  99%+ are satisfied, but a few initiate chargebacks for petty details (example: a part damaged during shipping that we replace in a few days) , which their credit card companies have incentive to rule in their favor (but never send this 'bad' product back - hmm), forcing us to take expensive legal action.  Proving customers were informed and actively accepted T&C (via the required checkbox) has helped win several chargeback cases.  With the button no longer available, we lose this safety support.

Perhaps another way to add the checkbox to Checkout?  Please let us know!  But if Shopify now prohibits all JS in Checkout (we understand compliance issues for JS), Shopify should enable a standard checkbox feature for T&C.  ALL Shopify store owners -- and importantly, the customers! -- will benefit with the option of requiring customers to be informed of basic T&C prior to purchase.

Thank you in advance for any help.


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This is a great question and one I've also be trying to get an answer to as well.

I've reached out to a few Shopify employees but I haven't gotten a clear yes or no answer if adding a pre-checkout step is possible with the script tag functionality. My customers using one of my more popular apps are asking for a pre-checkout ID verification step.

I can't give them a clear answer if this is allowed or not, because I can't get a response about.

I bring up the script tag functionality because of the impending deprecation of JS addition by the GA section in the preferences area.

Can Shopify take an official stance on this please? Are you forbidding pre-checkout customization or not?

Rather than this guessing game, could we have an official list of what is and what is not allowed? Better yet a guide on how to hook into the pre-checkout step the way you'd like us to.

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