Test Notifications not coming through but order emails seem to be coming through

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Having a little issue with our email. We are using a 3rd party domain and we have that authenticated and working. We are wanting to have our sender email be support@cyclonefanaticshop.com.

We can run test orders through going to personal gmail accounts and we get those. When we try and send test notifications to our support email or another email address @cyclonefanaticshop.com they don't come through. We have checked our spam folder and they aren't in there as well.

We have done a SPF check and it returns a PASS result and we have also added the SPF record from Shopify to our 3rd party domain settings. Just a little concerned that we can't get test notifications and when we open our store how many might not get order confirmations, etc.

Any help? I'm not sure if this is a Shopify issue or an issue with our domain and if it is our domain how I can fix it.