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I have a quick question if you are willing to just spare the time and help a fellow shopify customer out then it will be muchly appreciated.


I have three problems when it comes to my contact page and I will list them below as well as upload a quick picture to explain.


  • How do I  get the RED line where the text is to level with the BLUE line
  • How do I get the "Enquiry type" where the GREEN line is, in the Email too where the PINK box is (doesn't have to be where the GREEN line is, just below the EMAIL is like the ORANGE lines are.
  • How do I put a boarder around the "Enquire type", where the PURPLE arrow is just like the others?
  • Last but not least, how do I get the BLACK BOX in the message section to disappear when I click on it? like what happens with all of the others?