Testament Theme - Issue with mobile menu?

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Hi guys! I'm having a stressful problem with Testament theme, in particular with the menu.

I installed Testament theme for a client and selected "Deliverance" style, then started to configure it. No problems here, until I started to look a the menu on desktop and mobile.

On desktop the menu shows correctly as you can see here.


On mobile instead, this happens:


The menu is disconnected from the header and follows the scrolling movement, plus it's overshadowing the logo. Not good, what interests me is to have a mobile menu that is attached (sticky menu) to the header.

P.S. I tried to fix this problem using the customization, but I'm pretty sure it's a code issue.

I'm not a coder, so when it comes to problems like these I really don't know where to start/how to fix something.

I hope that someone here can help me.
Sorry in advance for my errors writing in English: it's not perfect

Thank you and have a good day!