The correct way to split product descriptions across different sections

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Hi all,


To make my product pages more aesthetically pleasing I created some addition featured sections used on the main landing page and added them into my description box.

I have just realised that although a human can read the description and it looks great. The product description that Google/other search engines see is only very short and doesn’t include many of my keywords etc.

So question is - Can I keep the layout that I have made created and improve my pages search / SEO?

I am hoping that I can add some product.description2 tags in the HTML of the section?

Failing that I did find a video on YouTube that shows you how to split up the description as an array and display it in various places. I guess I could edit the sections to show the relevant part of the array?

Like so:

{% assign my_description = product.description | split: '<!-- split -->' %}

{{ my_description[0] }}

{{ my_description[1] }}

{{ my_description[2] }}

Is there an option one? Is this really bad practise for what I am trying to achieve?

All help appreciated.

link to store:

*Used to prevent showing up in search.