The preset blocks of my section aren't showing by default

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I made a section at first then i had some issues so i just simply copied and pasted the code from the Venture theme as a reference. As per it there is a section named Image with text and then 2 blocks inside it one is Image and another is for Link. So what my problem is when i used that code the section is appearing but the two blocks which were added as presets aren't appearing i have to add it manually by clicking Add Content then only i can add those 2 blocks but i want them by default when i open that Section what should i do?

This is what happens when i open the Section the first time

Here is the picture :

image.pngThe Image with text had 2 blocks as presets but isn't showing up




This is what i am expecting it to happen when i load the Section the first time the blocks should already be there and not me manually having to add the blocks

Here is the picture: