Theme Editor Error but ONLY on pages...

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Hi everyone,


I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction here. This is a head scratcher...


I had built out a handful of static sections (title, content, image, pretty basic). These static sections were working on both pages and products. By working, I mean I was able to edit the content via the editor so my customer can also update this text in the future.

The Issue: 
All custom sections stopped allowing the editor to open, but ONLY on pages. I've added the section that breaks on pages to a section in products, and can edit fine.


I also see a 404 ID cannot be found for my section.liquid file on pages. This happens even with an out of the box scheme with just a simple header.


I know the section/schema is correct because it works on products, and it also works within the unedited theme. I compared files using DiffChecker to see what difference there was (maybe I had an extra comma somewhere), but nothing appeared off.


The Question:

What am I missing here? Any idea what core file in Shopify delivers the ID to the editor? 

editor/section_panels.json?section_ids%5B%5D=cup-tabs.liquid:1 (404)   PW: TheStable2