Ticket number 21555033 - No Response to Escalation

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Our store, remote-optix.myshopify.com was disabled completely and my login restricted in the last days of December 2020. I have contacted support via chat (ticket number 21555033) regarding this completely unacceptable remove of my store and was told the matter would be escalated. It's now January 6th and my business has had to scramble to find an alternate web hosting provider, but things like the Privacy Policy and Term of Use were copywritten by my business and I can't recover them because I am BLOCKED FROM ACCESSING MY OWN, PAID FOR, ACCOUNT! This is beyond frustrating. Can anyone address this issue? Support has disabled my account and I can't even select my email now to start a new chat with support. This web forum is my last effort to contact someone at Shopify before I must resort to other legal channels. It's UNBELIEVABLE I can't talk to a human at a large, publicly traded company with more than enough resources for getting me support. AND MY SUPPORT TICKET WAS NEVER RESPONDED TO!!