Tracking Profit Minus Cost

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Hey everyone,

I'm new to shopify and hoping you might be able to help...

 I m tracking my shopify conversions using voluum tracker.

I have pasted this code into the order status page and it is tracking sales and revenue perfectly

<!-- clickid pixel: {{ landing_site_ref }} -->
{% if landing_site_ref %}
<!-- custom lander pixel: {{ landing_site_ref }} -->
<!-- clickid Code -->
<img src="https://mytrackerdomain/conversion.gif?cid={{ landing_site_ref }}&payout={{total_price|money_without_currency}}" width="1" height="1"/>
{% endif %}

However, I wonder if there is a way to track total price- minus cost of the product and add it to this code, so i can see the real net profit in my tracker.

I'm guessing i need to make a change to this part - 


but not sure what?

I have added the price of the product into my product, so shopify knows this cost- I just need to find a way to pass it back to my tracker?

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this.



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I'm guessing I need a liquid tag like {{unit_cost|money_without_currency}} but that's not working

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Hi NewSeller2020 - judging by your question, I think you'll find great value by adding the BeProfit - Profit Tracker app to your Shopify store. BeProfit takes into account a broad array of data points to help you track and analyze your business's profits, expenses, and more. Give it a try, it might be your new favorite app!

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I would recommend my application Income Tracker and Predictor where you can clearly generate any kind of report , track the income/tax/shipping in real time and can see real time predictions regarding your sales data!

Please if you are interested, give a try( there is a trial period


Product cost item cannot be accessed in the frontend. Anyway it wouldn't be a good idea show your products margins to smart customers and competitors.

The field is available if you use the Admin API, in the InventoryItem

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