Transactions API requests no longer contain payment_details

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According to the documentation


a rest call of the following format : /admin/api/2020-10/orders/{order_id}/transactions/{transaction_id}.json


should return information about the transaction including the payment_details.  In the case of payment by credit card...

"payment_details": {
      "credit_card_bin": null,
      "avs_result_code": null,
      "cvv_result_code": null,
      "credit_card_number": "•••• •••• •••• 4242",
      "credit_card_company": "Visa"


This no longer seems to be the case regardless of which api version is being used. The entire payment_details section is no longer present in the response...


Anyone from Shopify care to enlighten me on this retroactive change across all api versions without mentioning this in the documentation that this will be discontinued in future releases so that developers have time to react?