Translating dynamic sections?

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Is there some way to translate the text inside "dynamic sections" (and more specifically the text content which was provided via the theme-editor)?

E.g. I have two "image-with-overlay" sections in my landing page but they both have different content (which should translated as well).

I'm able to translate the content for static sections with the "locales" tag (e.g Header and Footer sections) but I didn't find a way how to show different translations for each separate dynamic section.

Thanks in advance.

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Everything depends on how this dynamic content is generated, you should be able to get the text in question into your locales file just as the add to cart text, and use something like {{products.dynamic_string1}} to include the content. Of course, this is for the case when the "dynamic" content is actually just constant strings being "loaded" into the page depending on the context.

If it's generated from a third-party however, this will not work.

In either of the cases, you life might get a lot easier with the use of third-party translation apps.


One of the apps that can help you is GTranslate, it translates the content of your website automatically to 100+ languages, and the paid plans also allow you to edit these translations if you don't like any of those. Dynamic strings and third-party apps are generally not translated out of the box, but there is a dedicated customer support service available ready to help out with any customization you need.

Once that is set up, you will also be able to edit these strings' translations as you see fit.

Other benefits include but are not limited to

  • SEO visibility for the translations
  • Rich functionality
  • Excellent customer support
  • Constantly improving translation database

You can give it a try at, or contact livechat at to get more details.

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I'm not sure whether we are talking about the same issue here? 


Anyways, yes it's possible to provide the text's (in the theme-editor) as translation "variables" (instead of the actual text content) but

this would still require me to create the translation keys in the corresponding locale file. This again would defeat the actual purpose of using the theme-editor (which is there provide an easy way for the client to add text's) to create dynamic sections.

I guess there is no equivalent "locales" option for "dynamic sections" (as in it would automatically create the corresponding translation keys for each dynamic section).

As I also understood, this same issue has also been addressed in these following threads as well (without valid answers):

Nevertheless, thank you for replying.

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Hi rlaa,

I'm glad I've found your post!
I've got the same problem and need to find a smart and easy way to translate the dynamic sections... I'm looking for a similar solution.
I hope someone will help us.