Translation of Province Dropdown is not working while switching different language

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Hi there!

I have a question about the translation of the province dropdown on the checkout section. 

I was using auto-translate feature provided by Shopify to translate the general information / handles.

However, it seems like the translation does not work on the province dropdown, and I couldn't find where to fix the issue. I've checked the theme code, but I think Shopify doesn't allow us to edit the script of the checkout section.

Just wondering if there's anyone who has the same issue.
Is there any way to translate that province list?  (It's weird because the translation of the country list works perfectly...)

Here are the reference pics of the checkout section:

thai ver.

thai ver.png

en ver. (the translation doesn't work)

en ver.png

BTW, I am using the impulse theme to manage my content:

Thanks a lot!