Turbo Theme - How to make currency change on checkout page.

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Hi everyone, 
So my built-in currency converter is working on my website, but once you add an item to the basket and go to the checkout page it always shows the value in USD. Is there any way that I can change that to be the same as the currency that the customer selects upon visiting the website?

zkglO8pTE1EPKk1CHPg7lA.pngSo on the website the default currency converter is working and changing the currencies, in the basked the currency is changed too, but on the final checkout page the currency is always showing in USD(which is the default currency on the store), I believe this may make the customer leave the store. I am using the paid Turbo Theme. It would be great if I can make the currency on the checkout page to be the same as the customer selected on the website... 
Thanks in advance