Two Fulfillment Application for one Product

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Hi all,


our fulfillment is done externally and recently we have added a second fulfillment partner to our shop.

Essentially this means that we have one shop with two fulfillment applications.


Whilst knowing of the limitations of having only one primary fulfillment origin, I was hoping that locations might fix this issue. In doing the testing having found out that the functionality of locations does not support having two fulfillment applications for one product (which in my thought it would be able to, since that is our goal to have multiple fulfillment locations). I can only give 'priority' to one or the other. Apps like Fulfillment Based Locations could help in this regard, however here the limitation is clear that Shopify does not support 'two fulfillment for one product'.


The issue being broader, both fulfillment applications can receive and are shipping out orders, only one of the applications are able update the Fulfillment Status --> success. The other app can only mark the orders as 'in progress' (I also know that this expected behavior from what I have read). The logic coming again that our shop can only have one origin location.

My question is:

- how can I circumvent this and have two application being able to fulfill orders/product

- have two shipping origins

Would be grateful for information and your response.



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Hi Kalle, 

Even I am facing the same issue.  I am the founder of Eshopbox - an ecommerce fulfillment platform in India and want to develop an app on Shopify.  As per the tutorial, I am supposed to register a fulfillment app, and then the merchant can decide which products can be fulfilled by us.   

But there are use cases, where the merchant wants to fulfill the order of the same product either from own location or from our location depending on some logic (mostly proximity to the delivery address)

A way around I am using is 

  • Create a new location (instead of an app location) and then the inventory of the same product can be managed across multiple locations.  
  • Merchants with access to Shopify flow can automate creating fulfillment based on delivery address or certain other business logic. Other merchants have an option to set fulfillment priority of locations or create fulfillment manually. 

I was hoping if Shopify could comment and confirm the above approach.