Two different carts on the same store (A/B Testing)

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Hey guys, I'm trying to set up an A/B testing on Google Optimize between two different carts on my store.

The original one being '' and the new one would be for example ''


I've already tried adding it through Pages, so the URL would be '' and it works fine, the problem is that when we add or remove an item quantity it automatically refreshes the page, redirecting to the original cart ('').


What's the best way of doing it?

Can somebody help me out?

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If you're still doing A/B testing, I have a solution for you: Theme Scientist A/B testing app.


For your explained use-case, you can duplicate your live theme, then make the changes on the duplicate theme, then use Theme Scientist to automatically swap the themes and track the stats.


The app also tests product attributes, our goal is to make it a full A/B testing suite for Shopify so if you check it out and need help or have feature requests let us know.

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