Two separate brands, one store/shopping cart?

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Is there a way to have two different brands appear within one Shopify store (but one checkout process/still one domain)? Ideally, I'm hoping Shopify has capabilities to do something similar to how Victoria's Secret and Pink have their websites set up. Both sites operate under the domain and share a shopping cart/checkout process ( redirects to the other domain). When you view each respective brand though, their different branding/logo/fonts appear. 

I'm currently researching ecomm platforms for my two sister brands and I love everything about Shopify so far, but I'm unsure of how I can achieve this. I'd appreciate any inputs. 


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Great question. I have the same issue. I am a publisher with two imprints, and I need to be able to sequester some genres from some other genres, but I want one shopping cart. If anyone in the Shopify Staff community can answer this question, I’d be grateful.