URGENT: Customer notification emails language

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Hello everyone,


Can you help me figure the out the below questions? These questions have been asked multiple times in the forum but I haven't found a straightforward answer. Your help would be much appreciated.


  1. How can I automatically translate the language of the notification emails from English to Arabic? Arabic is the main theme language. 
  2. Can I have two languages for the notification emails? Can you link the notification emails’ language sent to the customer with the preferred theme language?



Majed Alheraiqi


Hi @Majed92 

Translating content using the Shopify admin API

The Admin API allows you to create and retrieve translated content for Shopify resources. For example, translating product information and email notification templates so that a merchant can send customers email notifications in multiple languages. Learn how to translate content using our APIs. - this is from Shopify help centre.

But, also, you may use any third-party app for this request.