URL Structure for Long Tail SEO + Tags

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Hey all,

I see some great medium and long tail keywords that would apply to my store. The collection pages that are ranking for them typically do not cover the full search intent.

I built out a great tag sidebar navigation, and even added in some logic to avoid duplicate content when multiple tags are selected (through the use of canonicals). Now I see that Shopify noindexes all pages with the "+", which is added any time there are two or more tags applied to a view. 

So for example I have a page like /collections/jewelry/material_silver+desing_unicorn+category_bracelets for all my silver unicorn bracelets, and I want to target the search term "silver unicorn bracelets". But the only pages that can be indexed are:

Super frustrating! I actually did some research first and saw people complaining that their pages with "+" were being indexed, so I thought I was in the clear, seems like that might be outdated.

How are people handling this? Is there some way to get around the noindex on pages with "+"? Change the URL structure? I see there are apps that handle this by using URL params, which I guess is the back up plan, but it seems crazy this cannot be handled in Shopify itself.