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First, apologies for such a beginner question.


I'm working on my first store in Shopify and I'm having some issues to update the pictures of a variant of my products, but before I get into that, I'd like to clarify what's he best approach to have pictures in terms of quality/performance.


What is the best practice to have pictures in my store? After importing a product from Aliexpress, the pictures will be links to .jpg files stored in ali servers. Is this optimal? Wouldn't be better to have all the pictures uploaded to Shopify and use them from there?

Also I don't like the idea of having the pictures referring to aliexpress or others and I'll be giving away easy hints of where I'm sourcing my products from. I'd rather give the picture a meaningful name too for SEO purposes.

Strange enough, when I right click and save the image - this gets saved as a .webp file which seems to be the original file. So not sure if the webp file is the actual image retrieved and shopify does some compression/decompression to transform it to jpg.


The problem I'm having. I wanted to change the picture for one variant through the Shopify options, where I'm giving the choice to Add Image. The image I want it gets downloaded is .webp but trying to upload this doesn't work and I get error "format not supported".

I tried also to download the picture and change the extension as jpg. The image works as I can open it with any other software. However, still can't be added as a picture for my variants. "(image/webp) is not a recognized format" - but I'm uploading a jpg!!!


Could someone advise/assist?




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For performance you'll want to host as much as you can on your Shopify server, so I would upload the pictures through Shopify (you can upload in bulk by importing spreadsheet).


From there you have full control over your product and can do things like assign images to variants.

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Thanks for your response.


I managed to figured out what was going on with my images and why couldn't be uploaded. Well, not exactly - have no idea what was going on - but found a workaround for it.


It seems that the images downloaded from other sites in .webp format get somehow corrupt when only changing the extension to .jpg. After changing the extension, I was still able to see the preview in my Windows folder and also open it with most photo viewers. However, when I tried to open it in Photoshop I was getting an error.

All I had to do is to open the image in Paint and Save it as .jpg again (I assume this affects quality but I couldn't notice anything obvious). After this, I was able to upload it to Shopify normally.


Regarding the performance. Is there some guidelines on how many pictures/size of them a product page should have for normal performance?

I read somewhere that Shopify compress pictures but I don't see a difference in the size that Shopify shows me. My images are all around 120-170kb with some reaching 300kb. For a product page with 12 pictures for variants and 3-5 pictures in description...should this something to worry about?


Tried to reduce the size of the images below 90kb but the lost of quality was severe. Is there any free tool you would recommend that would optimize pictures keeping good quality?