Unable to connect to Facebook shop then Instagram shopping

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Hi there,

I cannot connect my shopify to my Facebook business page. I somehow had duplicate FB business pages and the incorrect page connected so i disconnected that one and tried to connect the proper FB biz page but now i cant connect any. This is the error message i get:


To sell on Facebook, you need to have a Facebook Page for the account you’re signed in with. You also need to have Admin access for that account. If you don’t have a Facebook Page for your store, you can create one.


I would like to connect my shopify to FB so i can automatically sinc the catalogue and start using instagram shopping.

When i go to FB i can see the business page i want to connect, is under my personal account however my name only appears as Editor of that page and i cannot change it because it tells me i am not the Admin, but i cant workout who the admin is and how i am supposed to change it. I've been going around in circles with these settings. Is anyone please able to help me get these settings correct and make these social media connections?




Thank you


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Hi Vicky.!
Did you ever find a solution to this ? I have the same with my FB page which I created - I’m the owner - not admin, and I’m the editor... infuriating 2 days going round. Look forward to hear if you managed. I’m tempted to start a whole new one..!! Thanks so much