Unique tabs on product page via metafields issue

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Hey there,

i created unique tabs on the product page for every product and everything worked fine until yesterday. 

I did some editing of the metafields content and suddenly my product pages are all messed up and dont properly load anymore. As you see on the image for some products the default sections are not even visible anymore as well as the product image. On others the default sections and image are still there but the unique tabs are missing. 

Normally the default sections are there for all products so i dont understand the difference in the behaviour!

Product page messed up & image missingProduct page messed up & image missingonly unique tabs are missing but product page worksonly unique tabs are missing but product page works

I did not have this problem when i did the last editing last week. I am using Palo Alto theme and followed their instructions as given here https://palo-alto.helpscoutdocs.com/article/121-how-to-create-unique-product-tabs


Anybody happens to have to same problem or knows about an update which leads to that kind of problem?


Feedback would be highly appreciated, thanks a lot!