Unwanted Curly braces on my store header section. How to remove?

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Hello Can some one help in telling me how to remove the curly braces that are hanging on my website at www.radekus.com. They are on the left upper left corner just left of my store logo. 

I have used simple theme and have modified the header width and also increased the product per row display in my default featured collection page. 

I am going crazy, please help if you can. 


Thanks and regards

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Hello @radekusfamily, can you share the header section code of your theme? 

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Thanks Wahab Here is the header.liquid code


{%- unless section.settings.logo == blank -%}
{%- assign logo_max_height = section.settings.logo_max_width | divided_by: section.settings.logo.aspect_ratio -%}
{% if logo_max_height > 600 %}
{%- assign logo_max_width = 600 | times: section.settings.logo.aspect_ratio -%}
{% else %}
{%- assign logo_max_width = section.settings.logo_max_width -%}
{% endif %}

.site-header__logo {
width: {{ logo_max_width | append: 'px'}};
#HeaderLogoWrapper {
max-width: {{ logo_max_width | append: 'px'}} !important;
{%- endunless -%}

{% if section.settings.show_announcement and section.settings.home_page_only == false or request.page_type == 'index' %}
.announcement-bar--link:hover {
{% assign brightness = settings.color_primary_color | color_brightness %}

{% if brightness <= 224 %}
background-color: {{ settings.color_primary_color | color_lighten: 4 }};
{% else %}
background-color: {{ settings.color_primary_color | color_darken: 8 }};
{% endif %}

{% if section.settings.announcement_link == blank %}
<div class="announcement-bar">
{% else %}
<a href="{{ section.settings.announcement_link }}" class="announcement-bar announcement-bar--link">
{% endif %}

<p class="announcement-bar__message site-wrapper">{{ section.settings.announcement_text | escape }}</p>

{% if section.settings.announcement_link == blank %}
{% else %}
{% endif %}
{% else %}
<div class="page-border"></div>
{% endif %}

<div class="site-wrapper">
<div class="top-bar grid">

<div class="grid__item medium-up--one-fifth small--one-half">
<div class="top-bar__search">
<a href="{{ routes.search_url }}" class="medium-up--hide">
{% include 'icon-search' %}
<form action="{{ routes.search_url }}" method="get" class="search-bar small--hide" role="search">
{% comment %}<input type="hidden" name="type" value="product">{% endcomment %}
<button type="submit" class="search-bar__submit">
{% include 'icon-search' %}
<span class="icon__fallback-text">{{ 'general.search.submit' | t }}</span>
<input type="search" name="q" class="search-bar__input" value="{{ search.terms | escape }}" placeholder="{{ 'general.search.placeholder' | t }}" aria-label="{{ 'general.search.placeholder' | t }}">

{% if shop.customer_accounts_enabled %}
<div class="grid__item medium-up--two-fifths small--hide">
<span class="customer-links small--hide">
{% if customer %}
{% if customer.first_name != blank %}
{% capture first_name %}<a href="{{ routes.account_url }}">{{ customer.first_name }}</a>{% endcapture %}
{{ 'layout.customer.logged_in_as_html' | t: first_name: first_name }}
{% else %}
<a href="{{ routes.account_url }}">{{ 'layout.customer.account' | t }}</a>
{% endif %}
<span class="vertical-divider"></span>
{{ 'layout.customer.log_out' | t | customer_logout_link }}
{% else %}
{{ 'layout.customer.log_in' | t | customer_login_link }}
<span class="vertical-divider"></span>
{{ 'layout.customer.create_account' | t | customer_register_link }}
{% endif %}
{% endif %}

<div class="grid__item {% if shop.customer_accounts_enabled %} medium-up--two-fifths {% else %} medium-up--four-fifths {% endif %} small--one-half text-right">
<a href="{{ routes.cart_url }}" class="site-header__cart">
{% include 'icon-cart' %}
<span class="small--hide">
{{ 'layout.cart.title' | t }}
(<span id="CartCount">{{ cart.item_count }}</span>)

<hr class="small--hide hr--border">

<header class="site-header grid medium-up--grid--table" role="banner">
<div class="grid__item small--text-center">
<div itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Organization">
{% comment %}
Use the uploaded logo from theme settings if enabled.
Site name uses `h1` tag on homepage, div on other pages.
{% endcomment %}
{%- assign img_url = section.settings.logo | img_url: '1x1' | replace: '_1x1.', '_{width}x.' -%}

{% if section.settings.logo %}
<div id="HeaderLogoWrapper" class="supports-js">
<a href="{{ routes.root_url }}" itemprop="url" style="padding-top:{{ 1 | divided_by: section.settings.logo.aspect_ratio | times: 100}}%; display: block;">
<img id="HeaderLogo"
src="{{ section.settings.logo | img_url: '150x150' }}"
data-src="{{ img_url }}"
data-widths="[180, 360, 540, 720, 900, 1080, 1296, 1512, 1728, 2048]"
data-aspectratio="{{ product.featured_image.aspect_ratio }}"
alt="{{ section.settings.logo.alt | default: shop.name }}"
{% capture image_size %}{{ section.settings.logo_max_width | escape }}x{% endcapture %}
<a href="{{ routes.root_url }}" itemprop="url">
<img class="site-header__logo" src="{{ section.settings.logo | img_url: image_size }}"
srcset="{{ section.settings.logo | img_url: image_size }} 1x, {{ section.settings.logo | img_url: image_size, scale: 2 }} 2x"
alt="{{ section.settings.logo.alt | default: shop.name }}"
{% if request.page_type == 'index' %}
<h1 class="visually-hidden">{{ shop.name }}</h1>
{% endif %}
{% else %}
{% if request.page_type == 'index' %}
<h1 class="site-header__site-name">
<a href="{{ routes.root_url }}" itemprop="url">{{ shop.name }}</a>
{% else %}
<a href="{{ routes.root_url }}" class="site-header__site-name h1" itemprop="url">
{{ shop.name }}
{% if request.page_type == 'index' %}
<h1 class="visually-hidden">{{ shop.name }}</h1>
{% endif %}
{% endif %}
{% endif %}
{% unless section.settings.tagline == blank %}
<div class="grid__item medium-up--text-right small--text-center">
<div class="rte tagline">
{{ section.settings.tagline }}
{% endunless %}


{% schema %}
"name": {
"da": "Overskrift",
"de": "Titel",
"en": "Header",
"es": "Encabezado",
"fi": "Ylätunniste",
"fr": "En-tête",
"hi": "हैडर",
"it": "Header",
"ja": "ヘッダー",
"ko": "헤더",
"nb": "Header",
"nl": "Koptekst",
"pt-BR": "Cabeçalho",
"pt-PT": "Cabeçalho",
"sv": "Rubrik",
"th": "ส่วนหัว",
"zh-CN": "标头",
"zh-TW": "標頭"
"settings": [
"type": "header",
"content": {
"da": "Logo",
"de": "Logo",
"en": "Logo",
"es": "Logo",
"fi": "Logo",
"fr": "Logo",
"hi": "लोगो",
"it": "Logo",
"ja": "ロゴ",
"ko": "로고",
"nb": "Logo",
"nl": "Logo",
"pt-BR": "Logotipo",
"pt-PT": "Logótipo",
"sv": "Logotyp",
"th": "โลโก้",
"zh-CN": "logo",
"zh-TW": "商標"
"type": "image_picker",
"id": "logo",
"label": {
"da": "Logobillede",
"de": "Logo-Foto",
"en": "Logo image",
"es": "Imagen del logo",
"fi": "Logokuva",
"fr": "Image du logo",
"hi": "लोगो इमेज",
"it": "Immagine del logo",
"ja": "ロゴ画像",
"ko": "로고 이미지",
"nb": "Logobilde",
"nl": "Afbeelding van logo",
"pt-BR": "Imagem do logotipo",
"pt-PT": "Imagem do logótipo",
"sv": "Logobild",
"th": "รูปภาพโลโก้",
"zh-CN": "logo 图片",
"zh-TW": "標誌圖片"
"type": "range",
"id": "logo_max_width",
"label": {
"da": "Tilpasset logobredde",
"de": "Logobreite",
"en": "Custom logo width",
"es": "Ancho del logo personalizado",
"fi": "Mukautetun logon leveys",
"fr": "Largeur personnalisée du logo",
"hi": "कस्टम लोगो की चौड़ाई",
"it": "Larghezza logo personalizzato",
"ja": "ロゴの幅をカスタマイズする",
"ko": "사용자 지정 로고 폭",
"nb": "Tilpasset logobredde",
"nl": "Aangepaste logo-breedte",
"pt-BR": "Largura do logotipo personalizado",
"pt-PT": "Largura de logótipo personalizada",
"sv": "Anpassad logotypsbredd",
"th": "ความกว้างของโลโก้ที่กำหนดเอง",
"zh-CN": "自定义 logo 宽度",
"zh-TW": "自訂商標寬度"
"default": 150,
"min": 50,
"max": 250,
"step": 5,
"unit": "px"
"type": "header",
"content": {
"da": "Meddelelseslinje",
"de": "Ankündigungsleiste",
"en": "Announcement bar",
"es": "Barra de anuncios",
"fi": "Ilmoituspalkki",
"fr": "Barre d'annonces",
"hi": "घोषणा बार",
"it": "Barra degli annunci",
"ja": "告知バー",
"ko": "공지 표시줄",
"nb": "Kunngjøringslinje",
"nl": "Aankondigingsbalk",
"pt-BR": "Barra de avisos",
"pt-PT": "Barra de comunicado",
"sv": "Meddelandefält",
"th": "แถบประกาศ",
"zh-CN": "公告栏",
"zh-TW": "公告列"
"type": "checkbox",
"id": "show_announcement",
"label": {
"da": "Vis meddelelse",
"de": "Ankündigung anzeigen",
"en": "Show announcement",
"es": "Mostrar anuncio",
"fi": "Näytä ilmoitus",
"fr": "Afficher l'annonce",
"hi": "घोषणा दिखाएं",
"it": "Mostra annuncio",
"ja": "告知を表示する",
"ko": "공지 표시",
"nb": "Vis kunngjøring",
"nl": "Aankondiging weergeven",
"pt-BR": "Exibir anúncio",
"pt-PT": "Mostrar comunicado",
"sv": "Visa tillkännagivande",
"th": "แสดงประกาศ",
"zh-CN": "显示公告",
"zh-TW": "顯示公告"
"default": false
"type": "checkbox",
"id": "home_page_only",
"label": {
"da": "Kun startside",
"de": "Nur Startseite",
"en": "Home page only",
"es": "Solo página de inicio",
"fi": "Vain etusivu",
"fr": "Page d'accueil uniquement",
"hi": "केवल होमपेज",
"it": "Solo home page",
"ja": "ホームページのみ",
"ko": "홈페이지만",
"nb": "Kun på startsiden",
"nl": "Alleen homepage",
"pt-BR": "Apenas na página inicial",
"pt-PT": "Apenas a página inicial",
"sv": "Endast hemsida",
"th": "หน้าแรกเท่านั้น",
"zh-CN": "仅主页",
"zh-TW": "僅限首頁"
"default": true
"type": "text",
"id": "announcement_text",
"label": {
"da": "Meddelelsestekst",
"de": "Ankündigungstext",
"en": "Announcement text",
"es": "Texto del anuncio",
"fi": "Ilmoitusteksti",
"fr": "Texte d'annonce",
"hi": "घोषणा पाठ",
"it": "Testo annuncio",
"ja": "告知テキスト",
"ko": "공지 텍스트",
"nb": "Kunngjøringstekst",
"nl": "Aankondigingstekst",
"pt-BR": "Texto do anúncio",
"pt-PT": "Texto do comunicado",
"sv": "Meddelandetext",
"th": "ข้อความประกาศ",
"zh-CN": "公告文本",
"zh-TW": "公告文字"
"default": {
"da": "Meddel noget her",
"de": "Hier etwas ankündigen",
"en": "Announce something here",
"es": "Anuncia algo aquí",
"fi": "Ilmoita jotakin tässä",
"fr": "Annoncez quelque chose ici",
"hi": "यहां कुछ घोषित करें",
"it": "Annuncia qualcosa qui",
"ja": "ここで告知してください",
"ko": "여기에 공지하십시오",
"nb": "Kunngjør noe her",
"nl": "Kondig hier iets aan",
"pt-BR": "Anuncie algo aqui",
"pt-PT": "Anunciar algo aqui",
"sv": "Meddela något här",
"th": "ประกาศข้อความที่นี่",
"zh-CN": "在此处进行公告",
"zh-TW": "在此公告資訊"
"type": "url",
"id": "announcement_link",
"label": {
"da": "Link til meddelelse",
"de": "Ankündigungslink",
"en": "Announcement link",
"es": "Enlace de anuncio",
"fi": "Ilmoituslinkki",
"fr": "Lien d'annonce",
"hi": "घोषणा लिंक",
"it": "Link annuncio",
"ja": "告知リンク",
"ko": "공지 링크",
"nb": "Kunngjøringskobling",
"nl": "Aankondigingslink",
"pt-BR": "Link de anúncio",
"pt-PT": "Ligação do comunicado",
"sv": "Meddelandelänk",
"th": "ลิงก์ประกาศ",
"zh-CN": "公告链接",
"zh-TW": "公告連結"
"info": {
"da": "Valgfri",
"de": "Optional",
"en": "Optional",
"es": "Opcional",
"fi": "Valinnainen",
"fr": "Facultatif",
"hi": "वैकल्पिक",
"it": "Facoltativo",
"ja": "オプション",
"ko": "선택 사항",
"nb": "Valgfritt",
"nl": "Optioneel",
"pt-BR": "Opcional",
"pt-PT": "Opcional",
"sv": "Valfritt",
"th": "ไม่จำเป็น",
"zh-CN": "可选",
"zh-TW": "(選填)"
"type": "header",
"content": {
"da": "Slogan",
"de": "Tagline",
"en": "Tagline",
"es": "Eslogan",
"fi": "Iskulause",
"fr": "Slogan",
"hi": "टैगलाइन",
"it": "Tagline",
"ja": "キャッチコピー",
"ko": "태그 라인",
"nb": "Slagord",
"nl": "Tagline",
"pt-BR": "Slogan",
"pt-PT": "slogan",
"sv": "Tagline",
"th": "สโลแกน",
"zh-CN": "标语",
"zh-TW": "標語"
"type": "richtext",
"id": "tagline",
"label": {
"da": "Tekst",
"de": "Text",
"en": "Text",
"es": "Texto",
"fi": "Teksti",
"fr": "Texte",
"hi": "टेक्स्ट",
"it": "Testo",
"ja": "テキスト",
"ko": "텍스트",
"nb": "Tekst",
"nl": "Tekst",
"pt-BR": "Texto",
"pt-PT": "Texto",
"sv": "Text",
"th": "ข้อความ",
"zh-CN": "文本",
"zh-TW": "文字"
{% endschema %}